With dual citizenship come many advantages like improved social security, better travel and employment prospective, education and career advancements. A person holding twin nationality is considered a legal citizen of two countries while have full rights to enjoy freedom and liberty of respective states. Being a citizen of two countries isn’t an easy status to achieve and even if you succeed, implying to the laws may be quite overwhelming. We’ll discuss here some of the best citizenship by investment programs that everyone finds lucrative.

Second Citizenship

  1. Bulgaria

Rated as number one by many, Bulgaria is indeed a country where second passport investment is worth it! Offer allows you to initially invest around 512,000 Euros as government bonds in exchange for citizenship. After a year of preliminary investment, you need to do so once again with the same amount that is 512,000 Euros for securing citizenship. There’re lots of business investment options as well!

It takes more or less two years to obtain passport whereas visiting Bulgaria twice a year is another necessity. After properly running background check and application acceptance, residence-ship is granted. Asides Bulgaria, St. Kitts and many other caters property investment options but they come with a significant price bomb while selling prospects are also limited.

  1. Malta

Maltese residence bestows right to live and work freely anywhere in European Union plus visa-free travel to US. Both Malta and U.S signed for Visa Waiver Program that proceeds differently than many other systems. Maltese passport also grants you access to Switzerland alongside visa-free travel to around 166 different countries.

  1. Cyprus

Being the third smallest nation in European Union, “Cyprus” managed to top the stage by seizing wealthy foreigners’ cash as a means to rescue their banks during 2013’s recession. It’s surprising how citizenship program emerged from the financial crisis and now among the top ranks. The program initiated with a mission to restore foreign deposits and to compensate Russian foreign depositors whose cash they borrowed earlier.

  1. Austria

It’s considered a gold standard for second passport and citizenship programs. If you’ve no objection with finance, this passport is must to buy because of its undeniable value and the best EA passport ever. Austrian passport allow visa-free travel to around 171 countries and fourth most valuable in the world. When applying, expected fees inclusive of other charges may exceed $500,000 USD!


  1. Russia

Mimicking the Austrian business program, Russian citizenship by investment was legally approved in late 2014. The program is still in its early stages and so far, no second passports are issued. Russia requires you to invest in a running business within the state or simply initiate your own thus contributing towards economic growth and stability. With only an investment of $165,000; you may qualify for the program.

  1. Dominica

The least expensive of Caribbean passports is of Dominica. When applying for a passport of four namely applicant, spouse and two children; it would cost you around $250,000 with additional $25,000 for each child less than 18 years of age. Summing up the total amount for entire process, it costs around $350,000.

  1. Comoros

Comoros citizenship by investment program initiated in 2014 with $200 million worth passports already sold to government of UAE. “Stateless persons” only for UAE enjoy free of charge services and by early 2015, Kuwait begun providing Comoros passport to these persons without citizenship.


These are some of the best second passport and citizenship by investment programs worth keeping an eye on!

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