Boosted up from a small fishing village, Dubai has become world famous for several reasons. Tax free business/investment opportunities and negligible crime rate make it heaven for investors and jobseekers, whereas enchanting seashores, warm winters and thrilling entertainment listed it among most visited holiday destinations. Irrespective of their primary reason to visit, suitable lodging is an inevitable need of all. A huge range of furnished and unfurnished accommodation options are available for short/long term leasing. After considering their needs and capacity to bear the expenses, visitors can choose to book anything from super luxury hotels and resorts to furnished and unfurnished standard housing units like villas, flats and studios. Among them all apartments are world famous for their comfort and urbanity among accommodation seekers. Having observed their rising popularity, real estate developers started focusing on such projects to execute rising housing needs.

Dubai a beautiful place

In addition to providing comfortable living space, such residential projects also offer distinct benefits to individuals possessing a residential dwelling in the project. Being a property owner you can decide either to occupy the space or to rent it out to generate income. Even overseas buyers and real investors find it convenient to buy an apartment unit in Dubai. Complete freehold ownership rights, transparency of the system and mortgage availability allure even inexperienced investors and first time buyers. Moreover, an abundance of options, reasonable prices and good profits mutually attract investors and traditional buyers to buy an apartment for sale in Dubai. Investing is simple like becoming a homeowner.

Why it is profitable to invest in apartment sector?

Being the business and tourism hub in the region, Emirate receives millions of travelers, holiday makers, entrepreneurs and corporate travelers all over the year. Irrespective of being a migrant or a short term visitor, finding a decent lodging space to sleep is the primary concern of all. Generally, travelers prefer booking a suitable short term rental unit to accommodate them, whereas migrant and expat workers opt to lease a housing unit after signing a proper lease contract with the landlord. However, staying in a super luxury hotel can be very costly for those who are staying in the city for longer time periods. In order to make lodging affordable, property developers thoughtfully raised high-rise towers comprising of spacious studios and standard units with one bedroom, which can be commonly rented as serviced/furnished rental to visitors, where they are allowed to cook food on their own. The higher occupancy rates of these furnished units ensure property owners to generate profits in the form of regular income.

What kind of property is best for investments?

Although, a wide selection of residential units is available for sale, investors seeking to generate quick income with minimum paperwork should choose to invest in hotel apartments and serviced units. As they don’t involve signing a lease contract like long term renting. Renting process is simple like booking a room in hotel. Especially, if you own a lodging unit in a hotel apartment project, you don’t even need to interact with tenants directly. Such projects usually have their own system to book and lease units.

Summary: Whether you choose to invest in serviced rentals or unfurnished rentals in Dubai, profits can be generated. All you need to do is to thoroughly study the processes and options to identify what is suitable for you.

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