DDoS Mitigation - Cloud Option For Smart Filtering And Scalability

One of the nascent technologies that is changing the way businesses conduct their online work is cloud computing. There is no doubt about the fact that even as more and more companies are adopting cloud to store their mission-critical applications and now many are also using it as fist line of defense in war with cyber-crime.

One of the more common scenarios is that of cloud-based protection against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

DDoS attacks, an ever growing problem

Denial of service attacks are swiftly becoming a wide spread problem, which affects the entire Internet population. During the last few years we all witnessed how these DDoS attacks can be unleashed, almost on a whim, against federal governments and banks and individuals.

The versatility of these crime methods demands cutting-edge solutions, which combine flexible technology and, more importantly, the use of intelligent systems which can adapt themselves to new attack vectors, as they emerge.

Before launching into such smart DDoS mitigation techniques, here are a few basic things that you can keep in mind.

  • Every business organization and its website and network is under risk. Size, nature of business and its location offers little protection against DDoS attacks.
  • There has to be a trade-off between cost and level of protection. You don’t have to go bankrupt, as affordable solution can be found. But trying to cut on costs, as far as mitigation techniques are concerned, may not work in your favor in the long run.
  • Ideally, your chosen solution should be able to implement different types of mitigation techniques to deal with wide array of attacks, from network to application level DDoS, and different types thereof.

Why look for intelligent DDoS mitigation techniques?

Given the fact that DDoS attacks have become more and more frequent and capable of being unleashed from almost anywhere and at any time, mitigation and protection techniques should also be flexible enough to keep pace with these ever-changing scenarios. Consider the fact that the leading research firm, Gartner, goes to the extent of predicting that in another few years an entire nation’s infrastructure can be brought down by cyber-crime. This prediction clearly shows the scope of potential damage such attacks can inflict today an in near future.

 Cloud-based DDoS mitigation

Most leading anti-DDoS providers are now including cloud-based DDoS protection services, in their mitigation arsenal. Cloud mitigation offers several benefits, starting with the fact that its proxy model allows remote DDoS mitigation, which will not affect the core infrastructure. At the same time, clouds’ flexibility and inherent ability to provide additional resources, almost at will, offers enough scalability to deal with even the largest of DDoS attacks. Instant implementation is another crucial factor, especially for those who find themselves defenseless when under attack. Lastly, cloud can also be infused with smart software based solutions (like firewalls and bot filtering) to offer more cost-effective and far more efficient DDoS protection.

By combining strong network infrastructure, abundance of available resources and smart software solutions, cloud can offer effective anti-DDoS solutions which will filter out all possible malware, spam or any other kind of dangers,  before it is allowed to enter an organization’s server or network.

Author Bio:
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