Understanding Your Local Moving Price

Although this is a fast paced economy, the paucity of jobs has forced American’s to move wherever jobs are available to them and this has spawned a huge “moving” market.  With numerous moving and forwarding companies to choose from, how do you select the one that is best suited for you at the most competitive price?

Here are a few helpful hints, to get you started.

Checking Reputation and Understanding the Moving Terms

Always make sure to check for any complaints and also check if the movers are insured and licensed.

You must understand that moves under 99 miles are considered local moves and are billed at hourly rates.  Moves that are more than 99 miles, are considered intrastate, (within state lines) and inter-state (across state lines) and are billed on the weight and the size of the goods.

Selecting Movers and Understanding Charges

Choose four to five different moving companies and ask them all for a free moving estimate.  Ask the estimator to give you break-downs for the packing, the number of movers, the truck, the packing materials and the insurance.  Give the estimator the addresses of point of origin and destination.  Certain charges depend, on certain conditions, like the distance from van to front door, the accessibility for the van, the number of stairs to be climbed, etc.

Packing and loading at point of origin, to unloading and unpacking, at destination and transport, should be included in the price.  If there are some extremely heavy, or fragile pieces, special packing techniques, will be required and should be looked at.

A small apartment takes two movers at $25.00 each, hourly with around three hours to load, transport and unload for under $250.00
A larger apartment, with three movers, could take upto six hours and cost upto $500.00
For a larger house, with four movers, could take upto nine hours and cost upto $1000.00
Prices for packing and unpacking are usually around $35 hourly, plus, the cost of the material used for packing.
Week-ends and Summer time, prices are usually higher, by 15 to 20%
Inaccessible areas, longer distances from van to door, staircases, etc cost more.
Heavy furniture costs more, as an additional hand may be needed, to move it, like a piano, or large screen, old T.V.’s
Insurance must be factored in, and also tipping, for the movers, which usually is around 10% of the total move cost.

Here are some extra tips to look at:

The timing of the move is crucial. Most people move during the Summer, due to vacation, or during the end and beginning of the month, when leases are up, or over week-ends.  This makes the moving companies hire additional resources, who may not be experienced movers.
Try and move in the middle of the month and on Tuesdays, or Wednesdays and first thing in the morning, if possible.
Always have someone watching the movers, as they are working, at all times.
Plan out your whole move well in advance.

Good luck and Happy Moving!


Author Bio:

Tom Regev is a professional writer for the moving price agency Guaranteed Price Moving