Lake Garda

Jagged lines of Alpine peaks accent glistening, glass-like glacial waters: welcome to Lake Garda, termed “the beneficial lake” by the Roman poet Catullus, thanks to the area’s mild climate which permits not only the flourishing of floral gardens, olive trees and citrus groves, but also the health and well-being of all who  flock to the region. Imagine yourself,  waking up to greet the dew-kissed dawn, comfortably installed in your own home, tucked away in this magical landscape. Morning mists mingle with lush vegetation, while the protective hedge of higher mountains to the north harbors fresh breezes – filling the air with invigorating energy and the pure forest scents of cypress trees, pines, oleanders, and palms.

Thanks to the diverse rental opportunities available at Lake Garda, this vision can be a reality! Many lovely apartments and larger italian villas for rent are just waiting for you to walk in and say “home sweet home” – and of course, the fun of choosing your new neighborhood includes many benefits,
like endless exploration of all the diversions included in Lake Garda’s territory. Along the wider southern base of the lake, lower hills hug villages like the ancient town of Sirmione: a favorite for tourists and
seasonal residents thanks to its extensive menu of restaurants, bars, fashion boutiques, spas, sun-bathing spots, and healing sulfur springs.

Of course, Lake Garda is not just an exclusive resort destination – it also offers a taste of history and a typically Italian sense of time well-spent, thanks to unique spots like the 13th century Scalinger castle,
and an aptly named themepark, Gardaland. The largest of its kind in Italy, Lake Garda is conveniently located, and easily accessible, in the northern region between Venice and Milan. Once home to a glacier, the lake now boasts the rich evidence of its Ice Age origins, including the crystal purity of its waves, sweeping vistas along its shores, and even a smattering of islands with enchanting names (such as the Island of Olives and the Island of Dreams) sprinkled across its mirrored expanse.

History, culture, and modern charm make Lake Garda one of the most beloved places for vacationers and residents alike, all seeking fresh air and a full choice of sports (try windsurfing, biking and  swimming); sightseeing, including a visit to the famed villa of poet Gabriele D’Annunzio; full-service spas, and famed cuisine featuring indisputably Italian specialty wines. Best of all, you don’t need to devise   implicated plans to make the most of Lake Garda- here, simple is best, as even an ambling stroll  through old streets and  nearby hillsides garners a sense of refreshment, tranquility and sensory delight. If getting away from the demands of daily life is top on your list, take a deep breath and exhale: here, blue skies mile on even deeper blue waters, while fun and free time take on new dimensions with the discovery and delight of your own home at Lake Garda.