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In the last decade, property industry in Dubai has seen some significant fluctuations. There are several instances when the world saw that the property prices took a sharp increase and went to the highest and record breaking prices. At that point in time there used to be a great amount of transactions in property industry and foreign investment was at the highest point. But suddenly the world saw how quickly the boasting prices of properties went down and investors who had millions of dollars under their pillow ended up in bankruptcy. It was a bubble that when got burst resulted in high losses for investors. The causes of that incidence were many and usually it is considered due to the overall depression and slump in property prices worldwide. Further, some analysts attribute the cause of their losses to speculations that permeated the whole of the market.

Properties in Dubai are now returned to their breakeven prices and the markets are now considered much of an efficient nature. This means that there are no chances of getting risk free gains purely on grounds of speculations. Risk free gains are the main cause for the increase in property prices because it results in artificial value of properties. To control the dynamics of market, is must be ensured that proper monitoring takes place for matters that are of risky nature. Like those that have shares in the companies of property industry are only allowed to trade in those shares when they have complete asset backing in the form of advancement of deposit to a dealer in the form of cash.

To buy Dubai properties one needs to visit estate agents or look out for advertisements in the local press. Estate agents are asked to show them properties that they get to know of which fulfils their needs. The agents take a certain percentage from both parties to a property transfer contract as commission calculated on the contract price. Properties to rent in Dubai follow the normal procedure of entering into tenancy agreement. The tenant gives deposit and one month rent in advance while the owner provides the right to use the property to the tenant. Estate agent commission here is now based on the monthly rentals and in this case these agents take one month rent from both the parties. In terms of legality of contracts, those that are entered into for recording sale and purchase shall be required to be cleared from property regulatory agencies while in case where the property transaction is to let it on rentals, the contract has no such legal aspects and is between owner and tenant only. However some adhesive stamps and use of a stamp paper is used for rental agreements in order to make it enforceable in case some untoward incidence happens in the future. The requirements for transferring an ownership to a foreigner comes with an extra layer of compliance that has to be fulfilled. Where the requirement is to fulfill this extra legislation, hiring services of a professional lawyer having relevant experience is a pre requisite.

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The business of eating out at expensive and highly modern restaurants has been picking up momentum in this part of the world. The residents here often come up thronging at the late hours of the day and after getting free from the office work to these restaurants in the form of groups of families and friends and enjoy their dinner. In the supper or lunch time many companies for which people work provides complementary or reduced price food for their employees. However executives often keep themselves away from such in house food unless there is some special occasion for which some special dishes are prepared otherwise they resort to have food from good restaurants.  The cost that is incurred by the companies for providing subsidized food to their employees cannot be ignored as it contains some high cost items resulting in increase in expenditures and might cause a reason for the decline in the profitability of the company. The companies through this subsidized form of food provision give employees lunch at reduced rates. This system works in a certain way. The employees are provided with lunch on daily basis and at the end of the month a small sum is deducted from their salaries. Normally the cost of such food that is incurred to the employee is only twenty to thirty percent of the cost of food.


The provision of lunch to employees on subsidized basis comes with both benefits and disadvantages to them. The benefits being the taking up of lunch without causing extra charges for the employees as normally if they eat from any other commercial place outside the organization they will end up giving a huge slice of their salary on a monthly basis. The disadvantage of such subsidized form of food provision is that of the quality of the food. If lunch is bought from outside the office the quality depends upon the price you have paid. In case such food is eaten within the company the chefs and the catering work is outsourced to a certain person who only gives their services by preparing and getting the food done on the basis of monthly salary. The items required for preparing food like meat veggies and all other items are bought by the company. There is no margin for the food preparer unlike in commercial setups where a certain margin is obtained by increasing the prices of the food items and thereby recovering the cost of the material used. For many offices who do not offer subsidized food to their employees they are left with only two options. Either they can order the food or can go in personal to such restaurants. For delivery food Dubai has restaurants who offer quick services in this regard. At the time of placement of the order on phone the order taker gives an estimate of the time that is required to deliver the order. This time is usually comprised of several minutes and the order is served within half an hour. In cases where you are deputed to some remote areas, the problems may arise. In Dubai food delivery at remote areas is done only by large restaurants who own chain of several outlets. In abu dhabi food delivery at such outskirt areas take time much higher than the normal timing. Most of the restaurants like china garden restaurant Dubai even refuse to deliver order in such isolated regions.

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