The law that governs the sale and purchase is totally different from the law that surrounds the acquisition on rentals. The knowledge of laws and regulations is a must thing before one can think purchasing a property. This knowledge is obviously a result of detailed reading of the legislations and a practical experience of conducting property transactions. However, a common man is not expected to have such detailed and profound knowledge and understanding and that is why they need to take the services of a property agent.

Properties in Dubai to buy can be searched only after certain conditions are set and some answers are made to a few questions. The buyer must make itself clear as to the amount of money they have for the purpose of purchasing a property. The amount is a mix of the cash reserves, any other properties and other expensive items including jewelry. The buyer makes a certain estimate about the liquid items according to the current market values. For the purpose of other assets including vehicles which they intend to dispose to collect money for including in the total accumulated amount, an estimate is made by carrying out a valuation by any expert. After exhaustion of all the possible money and finance resources, the options for bank overdraft, loan and other money borrowing needs are considered. However, this requires a great deal of option evaluations and finding out alternatives. The amount of loan one can afford to take depends upon the repayment capacity. Obviously the repayment of loan is made in installments and each of such installments is a combination of both principal amount and interest. Before finalizing the decision to borrow, the potential buyer first evaluates all the financing options and selects the one that offers the minimum interest with the lowest security. Once a decision as to the amount available is made, the next question is to decide on the type of property needed to be bought. This decision is made after taking into account the various options available including purchasing an apartment, a bungalow house or portions. Each of the stated options has their own advantages and disadvantages. The next question is to decide on the locality where one wants to have a residence. The locality has a direct and significant impact on the price of the property and this must be considered thoroughly before making a final decision.

So, all the above questions and their slight modification bring a high impact on the amounts of finance available. Rental properties in Dubai however are not subject to such detailed analysis and questioning. But the fact remains the same that question related to choice of location and the amount of rentals that can be afforded remains there and need answering before a look out for the property is started. Dubai property law has been revamped and several modifications to some laws and regulations have been continuously made in order to reflect the growing requirements. These updates and amendments to laws also reflect the need to have a system whereby one can guarantee a smooth and complete transaction without any loophole or chances of penetration of fraud. Downtown property is also governed by the same law.