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The food industry has been growing ever since with the growth in population of the world, although in United Arab Emirates the demand has further increased for            inventive food items compared to other places in the world. Greater awareness of healthy and hygienic food and changing lifestyle is also having a great impact on the growth of the food sector in United Arab Emirates. Another reason for the food industry United Arab Emirates to prosper more than other places in the world is that there is very little agriculture here, and more than eighty percent of the food items are brought in by these food processing companies. Items like Baked, milk products, dry & processed food, confectionery,  Oils & fats, snacks, canned food, Sauces, Baby food, noodles, spreads, soft & energy drinks, frozen food, and readymade meals are some of the most commonly used food products, and are used in daily routine life. Dubai which is the financial capital of the United Arab Emirates also has a growing demand of food products and since the city receives a large number of tourists and visitor every the demand of beverage and food Dubai is continuously on the rise, especially processed pizza Abu Dhabi which is considerably in demand.


According to a survey, sales of packed food Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah has increased by 8.5 percent in the year 2011 and is expected to increase further in 2012. Eighty percent Food products available in the retail market consist of imported item and are consumed mostly in preparing processed food to meet the growing demand of food Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Dubai. Most of the retail food items are sold thorough chain of super stores and marts like Lulu Hypermarket, Carrefour UAE, Spinneys, and many more. The demand of retail and processed food in Abu Dhabi has been meet importing more food products and also by increasing the processed food production for Abu Dhabi. It is due to this growing demand of food in United Arab Emirates that the food industry is getting more investments in this sector.


Sharjah is another state in the United Arab Emirates where the demand of retail and processed food has increased considerably. This is why the government of the United Arab Emirates has started taking intense interest in the industry of food Sharjah, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi. Establishment of free zones in different areas of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah has also encourages investor in the food industry to invest in United Arab Emirates. Also policies and procedures have been made very easy for the business community interested in investing in the food sector to encourage further investments. All these effort of the government have worked quiet well in inviting new investment in the industry of food Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai, and has helped the food industry a great deal to prosper in united Arab Emirates. The food processing companies in Dubai (for food delivery home) are also doing very well as United Arab Emirates continues to receive the highest number of tourists and visitors in the region.


Computer, a basic machine that was built to perform a lot of calculations at an amazingly high speed and deadly accuracy, has nowadays become one of the important tool or machine in human lives. Right from being used in offices for the smooth conduct of business operations and performance of complex calculations and analysis purposes to being used for research and development of different kinds to being used in homes for studying and other entertainment purposes, this machine holds a prominent importance in human lives nowadays, importance of such magnitude that nowadays people consider their lives incomplete without a computer and cannot even imagine living without it. Due to such importance placed by human beings on computer systems, the repair and maintenance of computer systems in the case of a breakdown or malfunction as soon as possible is deemed necessary by the people operating the computers.

The best, easiest, most convenient, cheap and time saving method of getting your computer repaired is to get internet support and to repair your computer by finding and using information and methods online. There are a lot of websites and other service providers that provide computer repair services on internet. One can obtain PC technical support UK easily by just logging on the websites and finding the repair methods according to the problems being faced by them as well as getting their queries answered by technicians that provide technical computer support UK online for free. The whole process is quite cheap and fast as one uses his existing internet connection to get the technicians’ help. Internet support for other simple issues relating to computers such as maintaining and improving your computer’s performance, setting up and configuring internet home network and other similar issues is also available online.

Apart from a technician and websites that handle computer repair queries, there are numerous articles, tutorials and manuals available on the internet that is designed to help in business it support services UK. These are a really cheap form of information as these articles and documents are either free or require small amount of payment. These manuals can be used to repair a computer at home thereby allowing you to fix your computer at either no or very little price.

The basic advantage of repairing a computer online is that it can be very costly to get a computer repaired from a technician. This also takes the computer away from the user for a few days since it is being repaired. Repairing online solves these problems as computer repair services and technical computer support obtained from online sources is cheaper and does not require the computer to be delivered to some place to get repaired. It stays in the home of the user right in front of his eyes. It is also an advantage that one gets to learn about the computer problems and the ways to solve it. This is particularly useful if the user is facing the same problem in multiple systems allowing him to save the cost of getting each computer repaired by the technician as well as saving the cost of any future repair bills that are saved due to the personal knowledge gained by the computer user from internet.

Food is basically can be referred to as anything that when consumed provides essential nutrients and energy to the body. These nutrients include carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins or minerals. Food is basically obtained from plant or animal. Traditionally gathered through hunting, gathering and agriculture, it is nowadays being provided by many different chains and agencies for some of which it is a source of business and earning. In the past, food was just considered a source of energy and people used to eat anything that satisfied their energy requirements and helped in growth. However in modern times, the skill of cooking and the preparation of food has become an art and people have recently adopted the trend of adding variety and skills in the preparation and consumption of food thus making the culinary a complete science. This resulted in the preparation of new kind and types of foods in different cultures. Each culture has its unique characteristics in their foods and such foods are referred to as cuisines.

Middle Eastern food is famous all across the world. It is the food that is originated from the areas of Middle East and West Asia. The commonly used ingredients are olives, olive oil, honey, sesame seeds, dates, sumac, chickpeas, mint and parsley. Staple foods usually contain wheat and rice and barley and maize are commonly used as well. Bread is also an integral part of every meal. Various types of rice are produced and consumed and the dishes usually contain meat, vegetables, sauces, nuts and/or dried fruits. The food is normally prepared in Ghee though olive oil is used for this purpose as well. Several spices such as cinnamon, clove, cumin, black pepper and chili pepper are used in the cuisines of Middle East. Garlic is used often as well. The complete food eating habits and dishes in Middle East are based on Islamic principles and thus exclude various things that are prohibited (haram) in Islam. Therefore Lamb meat, mutton and beef are the meats used in the region and pork is rarely eaten in the region.

In the Middle East, some international cuisines or cuisines from other part of the world are quite famous and are usually eaten by the people of UAE. One of these cuisines is Chinese food. This food is basically originated from China but has become popular in almost all the parts of the world due to their unique taste and almost no or mild spices. There are various restaurants all over the region of UAE that provide dining services for Chinese food “Chinese restaurant in sharjah” as well as 24 hour food delivery Dubai Services. Some of the popular Chinese restaurants in UAE include Beijing restaurant, Da Shi Dai, Chopstix, Chinese Treasure and Long Yin.

Another cuisine that belongs to some other area of the world but is quite famous in UAE is Indian Food. These foods are based on the Hindu and Jain beliefs and are basically vegetarian foods. The dishes are mostly prepared using locally available spices, herbs, vegetables and fruits. One reason of the popularity of Indian Food in UAE is because of the fact that most tourists come in UAE from Asia. There are numerous restaurants present in UAE which provide Indian Cuisine however Moti Mahal is one of the most prominent restaurants among them. It is particularly famous for its Tandoori Chicken. Kwalty, Asha, Nihal, Ruchi, Haveli and Zari Zardori are the names of some other restaurants that provide Indian Cuisine and pizza delivery in Abu Dhabi.

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